Bring Self-Care To Your Campus

Become a TAMMIRA Student Ambassador and lead a wellness & beauty revolution at your school.

What Do Student Ambassadors Do?

Spread the Word

Spread the Word


Host (or Co-Host) Live,

Host (or Co-Host) Live,

In-App Events

Encourage Your Peers To

Encourage Your Peers To

Prioritize Self-Care

Get Paid for Virtual

Get Paid for Virtual

Wellness & Beauty Sessions

Am I Eligible?

To become a TAMMIRA Student Ambassador, you must:

  • cal-icon.pngBe 18 years or older

  • us-icon.pngReside in the USA or Canada

  • mobile-icon.pngHave an iPhone

  • school-icon.pngSign up with an active student email address

  • fashion-icon.pngHave a passion for wellness & beauty

Student Exclusive


For a limited time, students who join as Personalizers will not be charged commission for hosting paid sessions.

Ready to Join #TeamTAMMIRA?

Become a Student Ambassador today and empower your peers to practice self-care, together.

TAMMIRA offers a unique virtual platform focused on mental health, wellness, beauty, and community empowerment. As a TAMMIRA student ambassador, you’ll help address the mental health epidemic among young people and empower your peers to work together for the common good. By promoting a go-to tool for self-care, you can make a meaningful impact by providing support and connection to those in need. Join our community and uplift others to build better habits for a happier, healthier future.

TAMMIRA brings together Learners (consumers) and Personalizers (creators and service providers), while prioritizing transparency. Unlike traditional social media, TAMMIRA is a tool designed to build authentic virtual connections and communities. Personalizers can connect with their audiences, offer advice, and engage in real-time conversations through livestreams and social shopping—all in a safe, pressure-free space.

Personalizers are also empowered to build their community of Learners through paid sessions. Makeup artists, chefs, yoga coaches, students, and so many more are encouraged to share what they love through the TAMMIRA app.

The Ambassador Program offers many benefits to students in terms of professional development, resume building, and earning cash while attending school. Ambassadors are given the opportunity to use the TAMMIRA paid session feature with 0% commission fees (Stripe transaction fees still apply).

Beyond that, Ambassadors are given exposure into marketing, and are able to represent their skills via virtual services within their own circles. This offers great experience for your resume, as TAMMIRA Ambassadors help students strengthen our community while creating content that you’re passionate about.

Student Ambassadors are responsible for representing TAMMIRA at their own school, clubs, and programs. Ambassadors will help grow the TAMMIRA community by promoting the app to their friends and student organizations. Additionally, Ambassadors will be asked to create and promote their own content on the app, which may be featured on additional social media channels.

Learn more about Student Ambassador responsibilities here.

There is no fee to participate in the Student Ambassador program; it’s completely free and open to all eligible college students in the U.S.!

The application process is simple. Just fill out the Interest Form by clicking on the button "Apply Now" or click here and we will get back to you about your application in the next few days!

TAMMIRA is meant for everyone. Whether you want to share a valuable skill, learn from others, or find trustworthy products, TAMMIRA can help support you on your professional and personal journey. The app is a great way to meet others with similar interests and aspirations while building your own online community, make new friends and tapping into new opportunities