Empowering Youth

In today's world, adolescents face many online challenges, including misinformation and bullying. TAMMIRA’s wellness program gives adolescents a safe, supportive space to learn how to handle wellness and beauty content on social media.

We connect adolescents with nurses and friends in fun, virtual settings, using evidence-based methods to build confidence and prevent problems before they start.

Your Personal Nurse

Our app features registered nurses who are experts in pediatric care, sexual education, and therapeutic techniques to reduce anxiety and loneliness. We celebrate diversity, bringing fresh perspectives and knowledge of different cultural customs and beliefs.

What Drives Us

At the heart of what we do at TAMMIRA® is making sure adolescents and families know they have a strong support network when they need it. We're here to help adolescents become healthy and independent by helping them handle their daily stressors.

How It Works

At TAMMIRA®, our pediatric nurses chat directly with adolescents through livestreamed virtual events. They help adolescents gain self-awareness, set boundaries, and control their responses. Each event includes two nurses to ensure extra safety so all adolescents get the appropriate attention. This approach ensures adolescents receive accurate information, practice effective communication, and make smart self-care choices.

Wellness Program Insights

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