The beauty and wellness industry is one of the most difficult for customers to navigate, often making people feel worse about themselves rather than better. You’re constantly shown ads of beautiful models using supposed “miracle” products and routines that claim to help you achieve your beauty goals.

However, the results are often disappointing. You may start to wonder, “Is it me?”

People compare themselves to these impossible beauty standards every day, and it hurts everyone except for the companies selling the illusion.

That’s why we’ve created TAMMIRA – a place where you can find beauty secrets that work, and realize that watching someone else do their beauty routine on themselves is not the answer- it’s finding the best products and techniques for you.

At TAMMIRA, we want you to look your best and feel confident, no matter what your goals are. Whether makeup advice, healthy exercise routines, or a life organizer is what you need, we can help you connect with personalizers who put your confidence and wellness first.

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Like many women, I’ve struggled with beauty insecurities since the 8th grade. I was bulimic, acne-prone, and completely lost in what seemed like a world of people prettier than me.

All I wanted was to be “like other girls” on social media, with their impossibly skinny bodies, flawless skin, and perfect styles. Their unblemished images haunted my adolescent years, and I still struggle with the illusion of perfection I see everywhere.

However, after years of struggling to accept my body, I’ve finally come to a place where I truly feel beautiful in my skin every day- by slowly stripping away my negative thoughts which aren’t real. I not only had to learn what works for me but shed what didn’t – including my overly critical idea of what beauty should be.

TAMMIRA is designed to resonate with people who may have had similar struggles; those of us sometimes are unwilling to accept that we are already good enough—imperfect, raw, zits and all.

By collaborating with fellow talented entrepreneurs and kind people who believe in a confidence-first approach to wellness, I believe that TAMMIRA can change the way we interact with social media. Instead of comparing, we can be inspired by each other’s inner and outer beauty struggles and successes.

See you on TAMMIRA.

TAMMIRA founder - Staci Dao

— Staci Dao, Founder